My 2nd Children's book "The Monster's Guide to the Alphabet" A fun alphabetical guide to monstres with tongue twisting rhymes. Now available on Amazon as a paperback $11.99 and kindle $2.99!

My first children's book "The Little Fairy That Couldn't Fly" for ages 0-6. In her quest to fly she learns that true friends are more important than anything. Now available on Amazon as a paperback $11.99 and Kindle $2.99!

"Guess the Pun!" Over 150 full color illustrated puns, idioms, and portmanteaus! A punny way to work your brain and have a laugh. Answers in the back. Available on Amazon as paperback $25.00 or Kindle $3.99.

My first book "Teddy Bear and Bunny". From psychedelic meditation in the Mushroom Forest to battling a monstrous octopus with sharpened candy canes, each page gives a snapshot of the fanciful, dark adventures of their beautiful, demented world. Available on Amazon in paperback $11.99 or on Kindle $2.99.

"Teddy Bear and Bunny Book 2". This brings us back to the delightfully disturbing forest filled with: robots, zebra striped snakes, mad scientists, and our heros Teddy Bear and Bunny. Available on Amazon in paperback $11.99 or Kindle $2.99.