"Monsters, Flowers, and Mushrooms"

My latest series currently in progress. A return to the world Teddy Bear and Bunny live in but a time long ago, when monsters ruled the land, before the robots came and drove them away. Bic pen on vellum. Colorized in Photoshop. For original sketch or high quality giclee print contact bgilbert2 (@) . then Framed Prints, t-shirts, iPhone skins and more visit Brett Gilbert's Redbubble

"The Awakening"

"Flower Mushroom"

"Seduced By The Unknown"

"Butterflies In My Tummy"

"Reflection in the Pond"

"Stranger in Town"

"Keeper of the Cosmos"

"The Mushroom King"

"Mushroom Butterflies"

"Rainbow Waterfall"

"Tea Time"

"Hidden Beauty"

 "Bumblebee Eater"


"Third Eye Elephant"
A mystical interdimensional being that visited only briefly to bring enlightenment. Some believe it was the one who embeded the evolutionary gene of intelligence to the monsters.

"Mushroom Tree"
The Mushroom Tree is one of the oldest trees in the great forest. It is said it gave birth to every tree, flower, mushroom, and even monster. Legend has it if it were chopped down it would spell doom for every living creature.

"Trumpet Tree"
The trumpet tree has powerful seeds in the low hanging trumpet that when boiled make a calming tea that lasts a lifetime.

"Shaman Mushroom Head"
Shamon Mushroom Head lives deep in the forest. The path to reach it is filled with peril but the reward is great. Ask it any question of the universe and it will grant your answer in a vision. All you have to do is ask and consume a mushroom. Beware, knowledge beyond your species understanding can drive one to madness.

"Stripey Furry Monster"
Stripey Furry Monster is a gentle sort, gentle, slow moving, and chill. It has no teeth so it eats leaves by dissolving them on his acidic tongue. It's stripey arms sweat a sweet aroma and shaking one of it's tentacles would result in a euphoric mellow state where one thinks about life and colors and music.

"Hairy Spine Monster"
Hairy Spine Monster is a slow moving carnivore that feasts exclusively on silk worms that slowly descend from trees on web strings.

"Eyeball Tongue Monster"
It has a severe speech impediment, except when it talks in it's sleep.

"Zonk Fizzle Monster"
Zonk Fizzle Monster eats bugs of bright colors, the occasional colorful worm, and washes it down with water from carbonated pools.

 "Pentadactyl Meatball Monster"
Pentadactyl Meatball Monster slithers along seemingly without direction but don't be fooled it sees everything and it knows exactly where it is going.

"Thorn Nose Monster"
Thoen Nos Monster is a vegetarian quadruped whose favorite food is blue flowers. His eyes have evolved to allow him to spot them with ease. The plants has stained his mouth and teeth.

"Double Headed Beat Box Monster"
Double Headed Beat Box Monster can spit some mad beats. With no eyes and acoustically advanced ears it can sooth you to sleep or compel you to dance.

"Vestigial Arms Monster"
Vestigial Arms Monster has a knack for gnawing a burrow inside anything: rock, tree, even other monsters.

"Cyclops Fur Monster"
Cyclops Fur Monsters migrate is great herds and reach speeds up to 200 miles an hour.

 "Pretzel Monster"
Pretzel Monster is a master at meditation and stretching. If you're enlightened enough to listen you can understand it's language and the sage counsel it gives.

"Quill Bearded Monster"

"Azure Tongue Monster"

 "Timid Monster"

 "Oooey Gooey Monster"

"Banana Honeycomb Monster"

"Wiggle Tooth Monster"

"Flutter Snort Monster"

"Rain Shimmy Monster"

 "Green Sandal Monster"

 "Webbed Toed Monster"

 "Monopod Blob Monster"

 "Lethargic Portabella Monster"

 "Zaftig Insouciant Monster"

 "Lizard Horse Monster"

 "Three Tube Monster"

"Eyeball Monster"

"Support Autism Research and Education"

"Kill The Demons With Art"

"Bert and Ernie"

All the monsters I've done so far. Prints, tees, iphone skins at my redbubble.