Puns, idioms, and portmanteaus. I hope they put a smile on your face.

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"Eye Scream"

"Meow Thai Fighter"


"Alley Cats"

"Holy Cow"


"Karate Kid"

"Canadian Bacon"

"Flash Card"

"Fishing for Compliments"

"Sweet Tooth"

"Designer Genes"





"Media Centaur"


"Oatmeal Raisin Cookie"



"Cardinal Sin"

"Cyber Bully"


"The Jokes On Ewe"

"The Lion's Chair"

"Dead Lift"

"Burn the Midnight Oil"

"Bread in Captivity"

"Peace of Cake"

"Toucan Play This Game"


"Tuba Toothpaste"








"Witch Punt"

"Multiply Like Rabbits"

"Jingle Bell Rock"

"Big Game Hunter"


"Book Shelf"

"Boot Camp"






"Crazy Like a Fox"


"Illegal Alien"



"Caps Lock"

"Boxing Match"

"Heavy Heart"

"Pizza Party"

"Chili Dog"

"Smart Ass"

"Strawberry Jam"

"Vacuum in Space"

"Navy Seal"


"Spare Ribs"

"Sheep Skate"

"Bad Blood"

"Chill Pill"

"Punch Drunk"

"Two Bee or Not Two Bee"


"Brain Wash"

"Chicken Pot Pie"

"Ants in Pants"

"Brush With Death"

"Bowler Bear"

"Mood Swing"


"Baking Soda"





"Knight Owl"

"Baseball Bat"

"Crab Apple"

"French Fry"

"Bull Frog"



"Super Glue"

"Beer Belly"

"Smart Phone"

"Palm Tree"

"Sleeping Bag"

"Flower Power"