Sunday, October 26, 2014

Comedian Fakes Own Death For Publicity

Stand-up comedian Brett Gilbert best known for his role in the Oscar nominated movie Ghost World, got caught faking his own death purely for the publicity. The shocking details in the this inclusive on the street interview: "Why did you fake your own death?"
Brett Gilbert: "I didn't. This is the first I've heard that people online thought I was dead." "We know you did it for the publicty. How do your respond?"
Brett Gilbert: "Honeslty, I'm not famous at all for people to care if I was dead." "What about your friends and family?"
Brett Gilbert: "They would care, but they don't count."

This reporter has proof that Brett Gilbert has not had a significant role in a tv or film, in fact, in over a decade. Proof positive that he needs and desperatly craves attention like a baby. When interviewing his manager for a statement concerning this we were rebuked with a swift "No Comment."