Saturday, July 9, 2016

UFC 200 predictions

Brett "The Threat"s UFC 200 predictions, and I'm NEVER wrong! FIGHTPASS PRELIMS: Miller over Gomi, Santos over Mousasi, and yes!yes!yes! Diego over Lauzon (joe is the more intelligent fighter but I'm going with my heart on this one). PRELIMS: Dillishaw over Assuncao, Northcut over Marin, Pena over Zingano (fight of the night this one), Gastelum over Hendrix (hendrix is coming off a ko loss AND missed weight. This is called a sure thing), MAIN CARD: Valasquez over Browne (cane will simply overwhelm hoppa), Edgar over Aldo (by ko. Aldo was ko'd sensless his last fight with mcgregor and i think it's too soon to be fighting for him. He'll go out like mendes), Cormier over Silva, (The spider lost 4 in a row and took the fight on 2 days notice plus sonnen took him down for five rounds and dc is a way better wrestler and will ragdoll silva. Another sure thing), Hunt over Lesner (brock hasn't fought in five years, he's going to be face down on the mat), Tate over Nunes. There it is, fight fans. Greatest card in UFC history and I've called every fight to the tee! You're welcome, gamblers!